SquatJoy - Full Squat toilet

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SquatJoy is a companion to your toilet seat and the answer to bowel movement irregularities. By helping you maintain a full squat posture over your toilet seat, it gets the job done quicker, making your bowel completely empty and happy. It does so without breaking your existing toilet bowl or your bank. 

Product description:

- Helps get into full squat over toilet seat

- Easy to remove, just lift and store away. 

- Takes under 5 minutes to assemble, no tools required

- Includes step stool for easy getting on and off.  Useful for half squatting and sitting (if you still desire to sit)

- Hold bar for additional support

- Strong steel frame for persons upto 300 lbs

- Easy to clean, footrest flips open.

- Comes in 2 sizes, A17 (for toilets bowl height less than 16 inches), A18 (for toilets bowl height between 16 inches to 17.5 inches)

Product weighs 30 lbs and is shipped in package of 22*22*10 inches (L*W*H) 

- Comes in two standard colors (Satin White, Satin Black) with powder coat. Color can be customized if you are looking for other options.

- Designed and manufactured with care in USA

-Difference between Basic and Premium model:

1. Premium has 2 hold bars. Basic version has one hold bar.

2. Premium has step stool for easy getting on and off. Basic version doesn't have the step stool.

- Important Note: Requires 6 inch clearance around the front of toilet bowl for it to fit. Some bathrooms doors open and shut very close to the toilet seat (less than 6 inches) where SquatJoy will not fit. Please check your space around the toilet seat before ordering.

- Important Note: If you use seat attached bidet, SquatJoy may not fit. Please check with care@squatjoy.com before ordering.

- Important Note: If you have toilet seat which is more than 17.5 inches tall (very rare), please check with care@squatjoy.com before ordering.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Squatjoy was a great purchase.

I recently had the opportunity to try out a squatting toilet and I must say, it was a great experience. The design of the Squatjoy was really comfortable and allowed for me to easily move into a squatting position. I found that the squatting position was much more comfortable and helped with my overall posture while using the toilet. It definitely felt more natural than a regular toilet.

Solid and stable

Happy with this item.

Easy to clean.

Easy to set up.

Exceptional customer service!

Divya G

I’m so happy with Squatjoy.. before I had some bowel movement irregularities but after started using Squatjoy I don’t have any issues.. and I should say squatting improved my flexibility too.. it’s a win win.. Thank you Squatjoy!

Donna Carroll

I was looking for a Squat Toilet after my previous one broke... I FINALLY found 'SquatJoy' and it is Wonderful!! Highly Recommend!#

Suniti Jindal
Love it, helps with my constipation issues

I notice a great improvement in my bowel movement after using SquatJoy. It is helping for my chronic constipation issues.