What is SquatJoy?

SquatJoy is a companion to your toilet seat and the answer to bowel movement irregularities.  

But how?

By helping you  maintain a deep squat posture over your toilet seat, it gets the job done quicker, making your bowel completely empty and happy. It does so without breaking your existing toilet bowl or your bank.  

Wait, I already use step stools, why should I buy another one?

We're thrilled you have tried step stools before. Unfortunately, as you know step stools don't help to get into full squat posture which is required for smoother and faster bowel movement.  

Is there research done to prove that full Squatting is better?

Yes, there are multiple medical research papers (here and here) and a book which conclude that full squatting is the best way. Also, there are popular user and medical professional videos (here, here and here) which points to the benefits the users have experienced in full squat position. 

But wait, will it have more water splash? and how about urine falling off?

Glad that you asked. Water splash is easily avoidable by throwing 2-3 toilet paper sheet in the bowl before you poo. Here is the science behind that. We recommend this urine shield attachment which will ensure that the urine doesn't overshoot the bowl. Although after a first few uses, urine shield isn't needed as you get used to SquatJoy.

Ok I'm convinced. Is it available to order globally?

For now, its available for US and Canada only. For Canadian orders, please check with care@squatjoy.com before ordering. We will expand to more countries soon.

Hang in, I have more questions.

Sure, please reach out to care@squatjoy.com and we will be happy to help.